Planning Ahead

The death of a loved one is a time of great loss and advance planning can reduce stress for your family with the knowledge that your preplan has been completed.

Cremation Funeral Service is dedicated to serving you and your family and will help you set up a complete and safe funeral plan.

Survivor “To Do" List Summary
  • Secure vital statistics (required for permit)
  • Pay expenses
  • Locate and collect documents
  • Make immediate decisions and arrangements
  • Notify concerned parties

You can also see a detailed list of “85 things that may need to be done by the survivor" that expands upon the generalized list above.


Information Request & Death Certificate Application Form 
You can complete a request for information form online, or start the application for the death certificate process. Or, to officially apply for the death certificate, you will need to print, complete, notarize and send our self-mailer form by regular mail. This form is an Acrobat PDF file, you will need the freeAdobe Acrobat Reader.
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The Executor’s Duties in a Nutshell
  • To make funeral arrangements.
  • To locate and identify the assets of the deceased.
  • To take control of assets; for example, for a house, by obtaining all keys and ensuring the house is secured and insurance company is notified.
  • In cooperation with the estate’s lawyer to obtain values of the estate assets as of the date of death and to pay debts.If necessary, the estate’s lawyer will obtain Letters Probate so that the Estate can be legally completed.
  • After payment of any outstanding income taxes, legal fees and executor’s compensation, to distribute the Estate in accordance with provisions of the deceased’s last Will, or according to the law if the deceased died without a will.
  • As the estate trustee, to act fairly and with integrity and in the best interests of the Estate in all your dealings.
Interment Trust Services 
You may select one of two ways to prepay a funeral. The first method is to make payment in full. This will be deposited by your funeral director and conservatively invested by Interment Trust Services. The funds earn interest at a rate designed to protect against any loss of buying power in the future.


The second method is to make installment payments. This payment plan will be arranged by you and your funeral director. All monies deposited with Interment Trust Services will immediately earn interest at a rate to exceed inflation.

Interment Trust Services (ITS) is a division of Access Financial Group, Inc. ( AFG ). Interment Trust Services was established in 1967 to service the trust needs of the interment industry. Major responsibilities of ITS include the management of deposits and withdrawals of trusted funds, the generation of reports, tax work and accounting. ITS is endorsed by numerous state associations and an international funeral directors association.

The talk of a lifetime

It’s hard enough to think about death, so most procrastinate planning for it. Families all over the world find mortality an uncomfortable and taboo topic to discuss.

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Why should I plan ahead?

Pre-planning your service relieves your family and loved ones from having to make complicated and important choices during a time of tremendous stress and emotional strain.

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Online Pre-need Form

Taking the time to plan your service in advance allows you to specify and design a detailed and exact funeral service, giving your loved ones peace of mind and ability to celebrate your life as you intended.

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